Lincoln Level Shots was formed in 2007 by a group of friends in Lincoln.

The aim of the Club is to have fun shooting clay targets in friendly competitions either within the Club or against like minded opposition, while at the same time raising funds for charity and other worthy causes.

We hold seven or eight (typically) competition shoots throughout the year at Nettleton Lodge shooting ground. These are usually in the format 50 bird sporting over 5-7 stands.

To give all abilities a fair chance of winning, we run two leagues and a handicap system. At each competition we award the league A, league B and handicap winner a trophy to have until the next shoot.

The overall league A, league B and handicap winners of the year are awarded with a shield at the end of the year which they get to keep for the following year. The runners up are not forgotten either; all winners and runners-up also receive a small trophy to keep to remember their achievments. We also have a ladies only cup up for grabs each year.


In addition to the competition shoots, we also organise social functions throughout the year, depending on the support given by the membership.

You don't have to be a shooter to become a member of the club. Indeed many of our current members do not shoot but do enjoy the social functions and help and support us with our fund raising.

The Club has a proper Constitution and is managed by a committee, currently made up as follows:

Chair Chris (Chip) Taylor
Vice Chair Brian Shucksmith
Secretary & Events Coordinator Robert Morton
Treasurer Gabriele Veselkaite
Membership Neil Gissing
Committee Richard Johnson
Committee Gaynor Halder
Committee Robert Halder