The name of the Club shall be Lincoln Level Shots.

The purpose of this club is to facilitate clay pigeon shooting opportunities for the members of the club by way of competition shooting, social and practice shooting. To raise money for local charities and to organise other social functions.

The club and thereby all members will abide by the CPSA guidelines adopting appropriate codes of practice and responsibility. Each new member agrees that on joining the club they will adhere to these codes of conduct which will be included in the welcome pack and on the web site.

1 Membership
1.1 Membership is invited, without discrimination.
1.2 Members will be issued with a membership card, which must be available for inspection at all club events
1.3 An annual fee is required from all members. The fee is non-refundable on leaving part way through a membership year which runs from 1st July to 30th June.
1.4 Guests are welcome. No fees will be charged for guests other than costs eg of clays etc. However membership is required to shoot for any club trophy or to represent the club at any function..
1.5 All members and prospective members will be required to complete a membership form annually which will include consent to store data.
2 Committee & Officers
2.1 The club will be managed by a committee which will be comprised of The Chairman, Vice Chairman Treasurer Secretary Membership secretary Events co ordinator and at least 2 non-executive members. They will be nominated and elected to the committee in accordance with AGM Procedure and hold office for 12 months.
2.2 Any member may be co opted by the officers from time to time to assist with specific functions.
2.3 The quorum for any meeting will be five. The principal duty of the officers of the club is to ensure that the clubs business and finances are carried out in a professional and ethical manner.
3 Duties of the Officers
3.1 Chairman
3.1.1 To represent the Club at all functions requiring representation.
3.1.2 To preside over meetings of the Committee and General Meetings of the Club.
3.1.3 To cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.
3.2 Vice-Chairman
3.2.1 To cover for the chairman in all of 3.1 in the absence of the chairman
3.3 Secretary
3.3.1 To record the minutes of all meetings.
3.3.2 To co-ordinate correspondence and communications.
3.3.3 To co-ordinate all promotions and publicity.
3.3.4 To inform all members of any decisions made by the committee, which could affect the membership in general.
3.3.5 To inform membership of AGM and EGM in accordance with 4.1 and 4.3.
3.3.6 To circulate minutes and Agendas.
3.4 Treasurer
3.4.1 To manage the finances of the club and to present accounts to the AGM.
3.4.2 To receive, verify, process and pay all invoices following presentation and approval by the committee.
3.4.3 To submit financial reports to committee meetings.
3.4.4 To manage the Bank account. Cheque's drawn on the account must be signed by the Treasurer and any one of The Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary.
3.5 Membership Secretary
3.5.1 To ensure all participants are fully paid members of the club.
3.5.2 To send out application forms, welcome packs and reminders.
3.5.3 To liaise on a regular basis with the treasurer.
3.5.4 For purposes of GDPR the membership secretary will be the Data Controller.
3.6 Events Co-ordinator
3.6.1 To arrange a schedule of events
3.6.2 To ensure members are aware of events and functions.
3.6.3 To advertise events and advise by telephone or email.
4 Meetings
4.1 Annual General Meeting (AGM)
4.1.1 The club will hold an annual general meeting during the first two weeks of July. Notice of the AGM is to be sent to each subscribing member no later than three weeks before the appointed date. The preferred method of communication will be email where a valid email address is held, with a request to notify the secretary of
(a) Details of any business proposed to be brought to the meeting.
(b) Any nominations for election to the committee. Any new appointments must be proposed seconded and signed by the nominee as willingness to stand.
4.2 Committee Meetings
4.2.1 Committee meetings will be held at such intervals as the committee deem necessary.
4.3 Extraordinary General Meetings
4.3.1 An EGM may only be called when the intended business requires the attendance of all members, for which notice must be given in accordance with 4.1.1 and declaring the nature of the business to be transacted. Where necessity requires an EGM be held, the committee may take such a decision in committee calling for an EGM at the earliest opportunity thereafter in order to regulate any decision taken on behalf of the club in general.
4.3.2 Only the intended business as notified on the Agenda may be discussed at the EGM.
5 Insurance
5.1 The club does have insurance cover to indemnify it and its members during club activities. Members however should remember that they are responsible for their own actions.
6 Shooting Events
6.1 Only registered club members will be eligible for inter-club events.
6.2 Members will have the opportunity to shoot for the Lincoln Level shots Top Gun, Level Shots and Handicap trophies on a regular basis throughout the year. Points for all trophies will be awarded for the positions 1 to 9 (10 points down to 2 points) with all other competitors receiving 1 point each. The respective trophies will be held until the next club competition when they must be returned. After the last competition, the overall winner in each competition will receive a shield to be held for 12 months.
6.2.1 Members gaining 1st, 2nd or 3rd places in the Top Gun and Level Shots competition will have their handicap added for inclusion in the handicap cup but will be excluded from any winning position. They will score 1 point each towards their handicap cup total.
6.2.2 The first card of new members will be a scratch score to give a basis for a handicap. Handicap will then take the average of the last three scores and roll forward.
6.2.3 In addition to the Top Gun, Level Shots and Handicap shields there may be a ladies champion and a novice champion.
6.2.4 In the event of one or more members having the same score at the end of the year, the trophy will be awarded based on the number of clays shot in the competition shoots throughout the year.
6.3 It is the responsibility of the committee to ensure the Shields are engraved.
6.3.1 All shields must be returned to the committee at least 2 weeks prior to 1st July each year.
6.4 Any member of Lincoln Level Shots who is CPSA registered and has a classification of A and above in any discipline may compete at any club events but will not have their scores included towards the trophies.
7 Dress Code
7.1 Members must be correctly attired in appropriate clothing i.e.
No nakedness of the trunk or limbs other than lower arms or legs.
Shirts or tops must have sleeves.
No torn, slashed or shredded shirts, jeans, trousers or skirts
No military wear balaclava helmets or camouflage paint.
No excessively worn dirty or dishevelled clothing or footwear.
No clothing with slogans which may bring the club into conflict or disrepute.
7.2 The decision of the Chairman or Vice-Chairman will be binding in any dispute regarding the dress code.
8 Health & Safety
8.1 The club recommends that members wear a hat and eye protection. Under the terms of our insurance ear protection is compulsory.
8.2 Guns must either be broken, in a gun slip or carried in a safe manner when not in use.
8.3 A responsible adult must accompany juniors and inexperienced guns at all times. This would preferably be their sponsor.
8.4 Rules of the ground must be adhered to.
9 Disciplinary Procedure
9.1 Any Member not adhering to the Club’s rules on gun handling, dress code and appropriate behaviour may be excluded from the Club following a disciplinary procedure of one formal and written warning.
9.2 Aggressive and or Threatening behaviour will incur instant dismissal and cancellation of club membership.
10 Changes to the Constitution
10.1 Any proposed change to the clubs constitution and rules is a matter for the consideration of the whole subscribing membership. Changes can only take place at an Annual general meeting or extraordinary general meeting having followed the procedure laid down for calling an AGM or EGM.
11 Winding Up

The winding up of the Club can only be undertaken following

(a) a procedure prescribed by law (legal intervention) or
(b) by a decision of the membership to cease activity.

Where legal intervention requires the winding up of the club this may be confirmed by a committee meeting only. Where winding up is a decision of the members it must be done at AGM or EGM according to laid down procedures for calling such meetings.

11.2 Winding up of the Club must be notified to each subscribing member.

On winding up residue of any remaining monies after having satisfied any outstanding creditors will be given to a charity, nominated by the committee and confirmed at the AGM or EGM. There will be no pro-rata refund of any membership fee.

12 Charities
  Choosing of charities and distribution of funds.
12.1 Any member may petition the committee in writing to make a consideration towards a charity or good cause at any time of the year.
12.2 If an approach to the club is made directly by a charity or good cause, it will not be considered unless sponsored by a club member.
12.3 The committee shall not be obliged to authorise any donation or support any application.
12.4 The aim of the club shall be to make one or more financial donations in each financial year (1st July-30th June). The size and frequency of such donations shall be governed by the available funds for distribution and agreement by the committee.
12.5 No charity or good cause shall benefit by a donation of £250 or more in any two consecutive years.
12.6 Donations will only be made to local causes or national organisations with specific local ties.
12.7 The committees decision shall be final.

As Amended 26.09.2010
As Amended 04.07.2011
As Amended 24.05.2012, ratified and updated at AGM July 4th, 2012.
As Amended 10.02.2013 EGM.
As Amended 08.08.2013 AGM.
As Amended 04.07.2014 AGM.
Circulated to members with AGM notification June 2015
Circulated to members with AGM notification June 2016
As Amended 05.07.2016 AGM.
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